Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jean Blanc

White Jeans made its debut in the 1980's.  I did own a pair as a teen but was always afraid to wear it. First, in my teenage mind, I thought white added pounds, it felt dull in a time where wild colors were the hype of the 8o's and not to forget, it attracted stains. In recent years, I have become fond of the white jeans.

I have delighted myself with ways of styling the denim with my body type. No, white doesn't make you heavier; on the contrary, if worn in a monochromatic form, it can actually make you look slimmer. Also the blanc denim is an all four season affair! White Jeans is the new black!

Pictures: 1. Google image of Blogger, Garance Dore at Paris Fashion week 2. J. Crew 3. and 4. Nordstrom ( Spring Feature) 5. Google images of celebrities wearing jeans

Monday, February 16, 2015


Stripes have been seen for over 150 years now. It is said that stripes date back as far as the Medieval Times worn by hangmen, prostitutes  and prisoners- not a very sought out print- seen it conveyed the message of evil. It was only by the 18th Century that Stripes were chic and viewed as Royal especially since Queen Victoria had her son Albert suit up in a nautical theme. The 20th century took a different turn on the lovely stripes. French fishermen wore it as their uniform but it took one talented designer to convert those stripes. Coco Chanel took inspiration from the fishermen and started selling them for women in her shop in 1917. A total risqué for women of that time; that same risqué print is now a must have!
 Stripes are timeless and classic!  


Brigitte Bardot

Coco Chanel 1930

Late Summer 2014 

Fall 2014

Friday, January 9, 2015

Plaid Me

I know the holidays are over and usually Plaid is the most sought out print in the market during the Christmas season but did you know that the Plaid print is original to Scotland. They actually call the print "Tartan" but here in America we call it the "Plaid Print".
It was mostly seen in Scottish clans throughout history until the middle of the 19th Century.

This once symbolized print became a crazy trend during the 1990's- Indeed I wore the print! Every girl, woman, man, boy had Plaid in their closet. Bands like Nirvana became the culprit of the plaid return, in my opinion. The 90's had movies like "Clueless" and " Heather" sporting it.
I don't remember the exact year that Plaid sizzled for a moment but fast forward to 2014/2015, Plaid is BACK! The comeback is nostalgic to the past but for the past 4 or 5 years now, the print is slowly taking over the fashion world once again. Hey the Scottish men are wearing their Plaid kilts with pride and recently, I have fallen in love with the print all over again.
Just got this shirt from J. Crew

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


  Who doesn't love jeans? The way to dress them up or down is endless!!!  If you grew up in the 80's, you probably recall the denim options available -acid wash, colored jeans, jeans with ankle zippers, jeans called"Chicklets"( super tight-legging like).
Hey, the 90's weren't so bad either- flared, denim trousers, distressed jeans ( grunge), overalls and straight- jeans.

I, honestly, don't think there was a time that I didn't wear jeans but I can say that buying jeans today is a real pleasure. For the past 3 years or more, I have been a loyal customer to the brand
 "Kut from the Kloth".  Currently, skinny jeans has been my favorite style.
The fit of the jeans and the price isn't so bad comparing them to other designer brands.

Now if I could get a job where  jeans are always an option, I would apply immediately!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Saratoga Springs

Only 2 1/2  hours away from home, this quaint little city was full of beauty, art, and architectural amazement!

La Cape

A cape by definition means a sleeveless, outer garment, poncho like piece of clothing.

In fashion history, capes were common during the Medieval period throughout Europe. Capes were worn with hoods and specifically worn to protect you from the elements. The capes were very popular in the Victorian era as well, adorned with trims and done in opulent fabrics. The cape trend lost its memento in the 1920's.
Fast forward to 2014, it is now the "must have" piece of outerwear. As for me and capes, I am obsessed!
 It is by far my favorite piece in my closet!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What to Wear After 40

So you have reached the big 40 and you ask yourself if what you have in your closet is still age appropriate...I've been there!!
Now that I am somewhat comfortable with my age and who I am, I have learned to embrace looks that will not age me or make me look like I am trap in a time zone.
The only rules I can definitely say is a NEVER are:
1. No micro mini skirt even if you have amazing legs-sorry a no, no
2. Hate to break this rule to you, but leggings are not your new skinny slacks..yeah, No!!!
3. Following the trends is all good and dandy but please don't wear them all at once!
4. Leave the denim short-short, daisy dukes to the young girls
5. If you grew up in the 80's, please try not to keep the hairstyle...the 80's wants it back!!

I am loving these looks that will definitely keep you looking super CHIC at 40!

All images were taken from my board on Pinterest.