Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I was beyond excited when Sarah Jessica Parker announced her exclusive line via Nordstrom this year.
The shoes are just beautiful and the craftsmanship is to a perfect!
I have requested a pair for the holidays. Will I get it? -not sure but a girl can wish, right?

Note: Pictures from and google images

NYFW 2014- Spring/Summer

People often ask,' how do you manage to keep up with fashion when you have kids and you work'?
My response is usually, 'I don't know, really'!
Social media is probably the best invention or maybe its the worse since I am addicted to my iPhone and iPad. If it wasn't for my apple gadgets, I would be at a lost.
Since the start of fashion week, I have kept up on the shows via my iPad.
I really enjoy the up coming fashion for next year's spring and summer trends.
These are by far my favorites:





Tory Burch

Tory Burch

Tory Burch

J. Crew
  Note: All pictures are from Who, What , Wear

Monday, September 8, 2014

New Skin Regimen

Along with oil pulling, I am now using "Botanics" for my skin. I am in my early forties and I honestly must say that my skin has never felt or looked this amazing. I don't have much wrinkles and I rarely have a skin break out. This line is sold at Target...yes, Target, readers! I used the cream for over 2 years now but just this year, I became a loyal customer to this line from the UK.
This line is inexpensive, healthy for your skin, and natural- no parabens!

Miracle Oil

I knew coconut oil was delisoso for consumption and for dry feet but did you know that this oil has 101 miracle properties?!
A few months ago, I got hit with a bad toothache that just wasn't getting better, a family member said to use this oil to detox the mouth causing the bacteria...well, not only did it cure my tooth problem, it whiten my teeth and  cleared my skin. I began researching the benefits of this oil and I was impressed.  It can be used for weight loss, anti-frizz for the hair, furniture polish, removes pet odor...I mean I can go on and on...try it, you will also call it the Miracle Oil!


Here we are embarking on a new month, fashion week and the changes of Autumn which really means"Let's get ready to Rumble with Fall/Winter Fashion" if Fall weather even gets here.

If you read my blog from the beginning, you know I pre-plan wardrobes and decor before the season or event happens so...I already shopped for my Fall looks back in July, Folks!
I am sure you want a glimpse of what I believe is crucial to have in your closet to make Autumn- "Autumn-atically" Fabulous!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Packing Tips

Recently, My family and I traveled to the Keys and Walt Disney World ( A Disney visit is muy importante  to children when visiting FL).

I packed for 2 weeks- 2 suitcases, 1 carry on. Yeah, I  packed for a two week hiatus, with children, and a hubs, with only 2 suitcases...crazy, right?!
Grab a pen or just read and take note on how, I , a fashionista, packed for 2 weeks:

1. Don't over or under pack
2. Florida is hot and the summer is a rainy season too, so bring the obvious: sunscreen, umbrellas and bug spray...yup, the nasty mosquitoes are hungry so be prepared.
3. Straw hats
4. A Beach bag and a cross-body bag
5. Flip- Flops and cute, comfy sandals...I broke out my Birkenstocks...of course I went there!! Don't knock it till you try it...your lovely feet will thank you!
6. Swimsuits and cover- ups ( Bring 2 of each)
7. I actually will not mention jewelry because I hate tan lines and I get too hot, however, at the Disney parks, I wore simple pieces when we were going to special restaurants.
8. I recycled my wardrobe since I had the luxury of having a washer and dryer in the  room.
  I packed: Maxi dresses, simple dresses, chambray shirt,  sleeveless blouses, a white T-shirt, shorts, pants. And if you are wondering about my kids and my hubs, I packed very little for them also and they interchanged the outfits as well ( I have them well trained).
9. I won't lie to you, I did bring extra tees just in case.
10. I took pictures of my looks before I packed so I didn't have to say " what am I going to wear ?"- easy peezy

Summer Looks

A few looks of summer...