Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Le Chapeau

 During my younger years, you could say I wasn't a hat person. As a matter of fact, I always thought that hats weren't flattering on me. I loved it on others but just not on me. In my 30's, I took a different liking toward hats...actually, I became enamored by hats- all kinds of hat. I figured out that I didn't wear them before my 30's because I picked the wrong shape for my face. Once I got a style that flattered my round face, I wasn't intimidated. Purchasing hats was pretty simple!

Here are a few Hat styles if your face is round:

Monday, September 7, 2015

Bohemian Dressing after 40

I have noticed that the older I get, I gravitate toward a more boho style. The bohemian look has a very relaxed, carefree, 70's vibe ( or could it be that I was born in that era;))
The flowing layers and statement jewelry reminds me of how chic the fashion was in the 1970's. Currently, this trend has taken over the runways and the looks are so fresh and updated that any woman can wear it without looking frumpy.
Check out these boho looks that any woman after 40 can wear!

Note: All images were taken from my Pinterest board and on Google search.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Have you ever wonder, if the nail polish you wear is "age appropriate"?  I find it comical when people make comments base on other women's choice of nail polish- "She's too old for pink" or "Isn't  that polish too girly on that 50 year old woman"?  I have to admit, I usually throw in my two cents  but not about the nail color; usually, I will comment on  how ugly, chipped, nails look on older women ...eek!
Please tell me I am not the only one passing judgement, ladies?! Yes, we have busy lives and we have  not a second to spare on a mani or pedi and so I say -take the nail polish off and go natural! I would rather see unpolished nails then chipped ones! Okay, so I don't want to get off the track on the subject of nail polish so here are a few colors that does not have an age limit:

Note: All images were found on google image under "Classic Nails 2015".

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Austin, Texas

Recently, I visited the state of Texas for the first time ( I don't count layovers as a visit).
Did I know what to expect? No, not really-people had shared their opinions and experiences before I went and yes, it was pretty much on cue.
The city of Austin is young, eclectic, enthusiastic about music, wall art and food!  I love the hipsters; the bohemian fashion is so me and let's not forget about the adundance of restaurants catering to the health conscious who enjoy the local farm selections such as Hillside Farmacy, Cenote, La Perla's just to name a few of my favorites.
Wall art captivated the art aficionado; although Austin does not have many art museums, the walls on the streets were my museums. The art brought me into a whole  new level of appreciation and definitely inspiration.
You can say that I  fell in love with Austin!

Hillside Farmacy

Cappuccino Austin Style

Fell for this fella

The most famous wall art

The view at Cenote restaurant 


When in a pair of boots

Wall Art

Lake Travis

Friday, July 3, 2015

Le Lipstick

Does age determine what lip color you should consider? Okay so here I am at the age of 42 still enjoying the lipsticks that pop, brighten my skin and enhances my
look. I don't really think of lip color as an age factor. Yes, women after 40 tend to select more neutral colors or colors with pink tones for a youthful glow; I, on the other hand, would rather have colors that are glamorous and fun because at my age, I am determine to have fun with my style and that includes my lip color of choice.
Recently, I have been hooked on 'Hourglass Cosmetics'; by no means are they paying me to rave about them but quite frankly, I was attracted to their color palette and their concern on being non toxic and eco friendly.
Check it out!

left: Riviera Tangerine                        right: Raven

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is one of the most intriguing artist of the 20th Century. Frida was born during the cusp of the Mexican Revolution on July 6, 1907. Ironically, we share the same birthday!!
Frida was self taught and she painted self- portraits. Although her painting have a surrealistic approach, she never labeled herself a surreal artist but a "Magic Realistic" artist. Now until Nov. 1, the NEW YORK BOTANICAL GARDENS is featuring over a dozen of her original paintings and her love of nature. I recently went and I am planning another visit! The exhibit and the displays of the garden are breathtaking and definitely A MUST SEE! 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Arm Candy

Obsessing over arm candy is one of my many hobbies! Below you will find a few ways to "Trend" the "Arm Candy".  Wear your candy with pride!!

Note: All images were taken from my Pinterest board.
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