Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Saratoga Springs

Only 2 1/2  hours away from home, this quaint little city was full of beauty, art, and architectural amazement!

La Cape

A cape by definition means a sleeveless, outer garment, poncho like piece of clothing.

In fashion history, capes were common during the Medieval period throughout Europe. Capes were worn with hoods and specifically worn to protect you from the elements. The capes were very popular in the Victorian era as well, adorned with trims and done in opulent fabrics. The cape trend lost its memento in the 1920's.
Fast forward to 2014, it is now the "must have" piece of outerwear. As for me and capes, I am obsessed!
 It is by far my favorite piece in my closet!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What to Wear After 40

So you have reached the big 40 and you ask yourself if what you have in your closet is still age appropriate...I've been there!!
Now that I am somewhat comfortable with my age and who I am, I have learned to embrace looks that will not age me or make me look like I am trap in a time zone.
The only rules I can definitely say is a NEVER are:
1. No micro mini skirt even if you have amazing legs-sorry a no, no
2. Hate to break this rule to you, but leggings are not your new skinny slacks..yeah, No!!!
3. Following the trends is all good and dandy but please don't wear them all at once!
4. Leave the denim short-short, daisy dukes to the young girls
5. If you grew up in the 80's, please try not to keep the hairstyle...the 80's wants it back!!

I am loving these looks that will definitely keep you looking super CHIC at 40!

All images were taken from my board on Pinterest.

"See in Fashion"

Since 4th grade, I have been wearing glasses.  I remember going into the eye doctor and getting the news that I indeed could not see from far. Choosing a frame that was suitable for me-a then 9 year old, was not fun at all. Looking back at pictures, I had bulky frames that was so unflattering...ugh but it was the 80's and "BIG" was in.

Presently, I still wear glasses; well, I actually wear contacts in the day and glasses at night or when it's just a 'glasses kind of day' because it looks fabulous with an outfit.
I am always on the hunt for glasses that are classy, flattering and ultra fashion forward!

Check out the uber chic collection from Warby Parker that will have you "Seeing in Fashion"!

Click on  WARBY PARKER to purchase any of these beauties!

Fall 2014 is available online and in stores and showrooms; frames starting at $95. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I was beyond excited when Sarah Jessica Parker announced her exclusive line via Nordstrom this year.
The shoes are just beautiful and the craftsmanship is to a perfect!
I have requested a pair for the holidays. Will I get it? -not sure but a girl can wish, right?

Note: Pictures from and google images

NYFW 2014- Spring/Summer

People often ask,' how do you manage to keep up with fashion when you have kids and you work'?
My response is usually, 'I don't know, really'!
Social media is probably the best invention or maybe its the worse since I am addicted to my iPhone and iPad. If it wasn't for my apple gadgets, I would be at a lost.
Since the start of fashion week, I have kept up on the shows via my iPad.
I really enjoy the up coming fashion for next year's spring and summer trends.
These are by far my favorites:





Tory Burch

Tory Burch

Tory Burch

J. Crew
  Note: All pictures are from Who, What , Wear

Monday, September 8, 2014

New Skin Regimen

Along with oil pulling, I am now using "Botanics" for my skin. I am in my early forties and I honestly must say that my skin has never felt or looked this amazing. I don't have much wrinkles and I rarely have a skin break out. This line is sold at Target...yes, Target, readers! I used the cream for over 2 years now but just this year, I became a loyal customer to this line from the UK.
This line is inexpensive, healthy for your skin, and natural- no parabens!