Friday, January 31, 2014

What I wore in 2013

A few snap shots of what I wore in 2013…it was a pretty decent year but 2014 will definitely be AMAZING…
but before I start posting new images, here's to the old year 2013!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Yes, You Do Have Something To Wear!!

I am sure this has happened to open your closet door to find the inevitable (so you think), "Nothing To Wear". Yup, it has happened to all of us, who are you kidding?
We have a closet full of nothing?
You do know it is impossible, we do have something cute in that closet but we are just having that "moment".
You know that "momemt" where we just have a dire need to BUY!
Well, this is where I must stop you and me from deflating our wallets; come on, the economy is bad!
I am challenging us to find something in our closet that is cute, trending on the pages of our fashion magazines and that we can wear now.
This may be a very difficult task but I am determine to search deep in my closet for 10 pieces of clothing that are very "in" hoping you can join me!

10 Fall Fashion trends that I can truly say...I Have it!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

iphone pics of our Coco


You probably did not know this about me but I am obsess with the color yellow. Yes, yellow!!
The meaning behind the color is quite interesting:
clarity, relief, protects from depression and can sharpen your concentration you didn't know that!
Yellow is very flattering to brunettes and olive skin tone gals like myself.

Here are a few images that made my heart skip a beat:

California mums

matchbook magazine July issue

Matchbook Magazine July issue

 Matchbook magazine

Matchbook Magazine

Matchbook Magazine


Blogger from Peonies



The 1st Graders spring auction project 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Ladies, check your closets and keep these 11 classic,, age doesn't matter!
1. A good pair of jeans that fit divinely

2. A Blazer that contours your shape

3. A could be the little black dress but Navy works too

4. A nice pair of solid trousers in a neutral color obviously black is mostly decide

5. A cardigan sweater in a color that compliments your skin

6. A white button down shirt...if your chesty, this is a great look to minimize 

7. A pencil skirt...yes, anyone can wear it!

8. A white jersey tee...yes darlings, even if you are 45

9. Don't forget the trench coat...long or short all depends on your height

10. Actually it is suppose to be the black pump but leopard is a classic print so why not mix the two!

11. There are only 10 classic pieces in the "fashion bible" but I say why not throw in a ballerina flat when the heel is too harsh on your tiring feet!

(All images are from and the flats are from

Elisa Nalin

I have been meaning to post about a very stylish lady by the name of Elisa Nalin. I have been captivated by her unique style and effortless, juxtaposed dressing for the longest time. I admit, I didn't know who she was or her name until I started following Garance Dore.

Elisa Nalin is an Italian stylist working and living in Paris. The lovely Ms. Nalin can put an outfit on and look like she just stepped out of an editorial section of vogue! I have a  girl crush on her...who wouldn't!? Look at her!

( All photos are from

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Motifs on Trousers? Bring it on!

Have you noticed the amount of printed trousers available?! This year's trend is channeling the 80's...again. Well to get the fashion facts straight, this new season's trend is a little of the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. Yes, the new fashion lingo is "Anything Goes". As for me, accepting that I am sort of ...LOVING the 80's printed trousers is quite shocking if you know me; however,  I am allowing myself to embrace my style in a creative, yet fun way and being in the age range of 40, I say, "BRING IT ON"!

Jenna Lyons...I love this woman's style- Effortless!

She is the new, young and  most fashionable it celebrity!

Had to throw in Ms. Wintour and her sidekick, Grace!
Please note, that I will never pay full price for a trend no one should unless you have beaucoup money and it is disposable then, of course, knock yourself out!

(All photos were taking from google)